What is the Facilitative Healing Center?

Why Are You Here?

  • Are you here because you have a big heart and feel depleted giving too much to others and not enough to yourself?
  • Are you here because the relationships in your life are stressful and you need support getting them in better balance?
  • Are you here to learn healthy practices to feel more love for yourself and others?
  • Do you need support dealing with your fears and inner critic?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Attend one of our events, send us an email, or give us a call.  Don’t wait another moment to bring more love, joy and happiness into your life!

Theresa Barry-Greb MS, PT, now known as just “Grace” has facilitated many groups over the past 20 years including her own creations, Open Heart Breath Tool and Loving Journey.  She has also led different workshops including energy work, dream interpretation, Enneagram Personality types and other spiritual topics.

Listen to an interview with Theresa on The Women’s Well, hosted by Lisa M. Miller.  The Women’s Well is a Place to Nourish your Health and Spirit. It aired WLXU 93.9 FM, from Lexington Community Radio.

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