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Theresa Barry-Greb

Theresa Barry-Greb

Welcome to the Facilitative Healing Center website and blog where I hope to provide you with informational insights, inspirational thoughts as well as answering questions that come up from time to time.

The first blog is about the infinite possibilities of personal growth work.  Starting this personal journey to self-discovery requires a lot of curiosity, courage, self love, acceptance, forgiveness and patience.  You can begin this journey with your first conscious breath.

It might sound easy but just try to sit down in a quiet place and focus only on inhaling and exhaling of your breath for just five minutes without any thoughts running through your mind.

How long were you able to just breathe without interruptions of thoughts?  For most of us just starting on the inner journey this is challenging the first thousand times.  This is where you practice acceptance of where you are and the courage to keep on practicing even if there is not the immediate success you hoped for.

I encourage you to give yourself a lot of positive, loving self talk even when things did not go as you expected in the moment.  Good luck on your inner journey of self discovery and know you are never alone because you have yourself.


Listen to an interview with Theresa on The Women’s Well, hosted by Lisa M. Miller.  The Women’s Well is a Place to Nourish your Health and Spirit. It airs live on Saturday at 1pm on WLXU 93.9 FM, from Lexington Community Radio.


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