About Grace

In 2007, I had a premonition my name would become Grace in the future at a Dream workshop with Jeremy Taylor but I didn’t know when or how that would happen.  In January 2015, I went to see Barbara Marx Hubbard give a talk in Chicago, at a Catholic convent. Prior to the talk, I walked into the chapel and sat in a pew in the back. Sitting there I consciously decided to release my attachment to my egoic loops.  As I got up from the pew and walked past the font full of water in the back of the chapel, I heard a voice from above say “you are now baptized Grace” and I felt my fingers reach down toward the water and bring the water up to my forehead.  I started crying because I remembered that premonition eight years earlier.  I still didn’t pursue changing my name at that time. In September 2017 in Taos, New Mexico at a New Eyes New Vision Retreat, during a Bohdi Breath session I had a mystical experience of being called Grace again.  So now I am consciously deciding to change my name to Grace to reflect the conscious decision I am making to embody love more fully within my personal heart by just being love and radiating love outward to all living beings within the Global Heart.  I understand that not all people will understand or even agree with my decision and that is fine.  It is my conscious choice made with love and I will live with the consequences of this name change.  People who know me as Theresa can still call me Theresa.  I look forward to carrying on with my love mission of just being love in the Global Heart.

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