Loving Yourself and Letting Go of How Others Love You

My dad taught me a wonderful life lesson about how our love languages are different.  Ours were definitely different, but when he passed last month, I finally truly understood what unconditional love meant.  Enjoy this meditation to help guide you toward loving yourself and letting go of how others love you.  Because, in the end, LOVE is all that matters.  Thank you for the lesson, Dad.  I’ll miss you.

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Love Super Power

When you have the courage to open your personal heart up to fully to feel all feelings to completion and consciously receive this flow of unconditional love in your personal heart, you have the power to balance your personal heart and share this unconditional love with others no matter what the circumstances are in the moment. Take time out of your day to use this meditation to re-charge your Love Super Power!

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Keep Calm and LOVE On

The most effective way to live in the world is with a balanced personal heart.  In a balanced personal heart, you learn to feel your feelings and process them through to completion, keep your physical body in balance the best you can, create safety for yourself, love unconditionally, and do things in your community that are good for the whole.  When your personal heart is balanced, you can process through your own personal pain and the global pain in the world and still be able to function.  A balanced personal heart can set reasonable expectations for yourself and others to reduce the essential pains of living in this world.  Use this meditation to help bring you back to a calm and loving presence so you can go out into the world and become a love beacon.

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Balancing Your Personal Heart

Each person has a unique personal heart on one level with its own history of both positive and negative experiences.  The feelings associated with these experiences get encoded in the heart, body, and mind.  When those feelings collectively become overwhelming, the personal heart will shut down to prevent further experiences of pain and imbalance.   In order to return your personal heart to balance, the first priority is to feel safe in the present moment.  Many spiritual practices including meditation, prayer, mantras, etc. keep you dis-identified from feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.  This creates a sense of safety within the mind, body and personal heart in the present moment.   This meditation is designed to help you balance your personal heart.


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Love Lives Here

A love-focused life is not about perfection, but connection with yourself and others in a healthy way.  When you make the commitment to love in this way, it changes how you feel about yourself and others.  Use this short meditation whenever you feel the need to let go of negative thoughts and return to a loving, balanced self.

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A New Way of Loving in the World

We all have the ability to be part of a global heart field.  This meditation can help in your participation.

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Love Blooms Here

Use this meditation to help you better connect to others who share the same energy frequency.

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Being Your Own Special Valentine

Take 5 minutes and treat yourself to to some self-love.  You’ll be glad you did.  


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Embodying Love

Use this meditation practice to help you connect to your loving, soul-eyes.  Doing so will let you see the bigger picture in a stressful situation.  You will then be able to  feel and process through the essential pains of that situation to get back to balance.  This results in the ability to extend compassion to someone who might be under a lot of stress and not making the best choices.  

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Enhancing Peace in Your Daily Life

Finding peace can be challenging especially during the busy holiday season.  Here is a meditation tool to help you minimize your stress which, in turn, will enable you to enjoy the holidays more.  

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